Duncan has years of experience as a psychotherapist and as an ordained minister. As a UCC minister, he has served seven churches, from Kentucky to Connecticut. He is a veriditas-trained Labyrinth facilitator. He has led workshops ranging from the masculine spiritual journey, to finding the feminine face of God, to walking the labyrinth as a spiritual practice. He has worked with people in all stages of life. He has taught classes in the masculine spiritual journey, as well as how to talk to a man about his heart. His first book, Desperately Seeking Mary, about finding the feminine face of God. He has written, lectured and taught extensively on Abraham Lincoln. His second book, Thirty Days With Abraham Lincoln: Quiet Fire, published by Front Edge publishing, is available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. His weekly radio show about Lincoln’s spiritual life can be heard every Wednesday at 7:30AM on WERU radio. Recent shows and archives are available here: 


More on Duncan’s books Desperately Seeking Mary and Thirty Days With Abraham Lincoln: Quiet Fire can be found at Duncan’s Amazon Author’s page with reviews here and here.